Relaxation Time with Equine Massage

A busy training schedule causes the athletic horse a lot of undue stress, both physical and emotional.  The physical stress of exercising, the workload, the endurance, plus the travels and the competitions, all of that result in musculoskeletal tension and nervous fatigue.  Equally at the same time, your horse’s personality, his disposition, his fear, his anxiety and sometimes his boredom can add to this nervous stress.

To help with your horse nervous fatigue, the Animal Awareness video library offers you a relaxation massage routines which sole purpose is to relieve the horse’s nervous stress in a quick and efficient way. This is done way by massaging methodically very specific areas of your horse’s anatomy. 

quick results

The relaxation massage routine will achieve positive results right from the first application and even more over the course of several sessions. For best results your pressure should be very light, 2 to 3 pounds maximum and your rhythm should be smooth of 1 movement per second, or even calmer at 1 movement per two seconds.  But first of all, it is of the up most importance that you should yourself be relaxed as you perform this work.  As you breathe calmly and deeply, a strong sense of relief and relaxation will be induce onto your horse. 

The relaxation massage routine concentrates on the nervous system only. Using mostly pure nervous reflex massage moves over the spinal column – the poll, the ears, the neck, the back, the sacrum and the tail – this special sequence will elicit the parasympathetic nervous response of the nervous system. This relaxation work will clear nervous tension and blockages, regenerating the flow of vital energy through the spine to the rest of the body. 

short or long version?

This relaxation massage routine can be done in a short version, within 3 to 5 minutes or in a longer version 5 to 10 minutes.  The longer version includes some variations such as neck rocking movements, ear work and a general stroking of the horse’s entire body at the end of the routine. This longer version is highly recommended for a horse’s first ever massage.  Once the animal has experienced and appreciated the benefit of the long version of the relaxation massage, you can trigger the same benefit with the short version.  We strongly recommend the use of the short version as a prelude to any other form of massage. 

great benefits

Your horse will feel a great sense of relaxation following the application of this relaxation massage routine.  Frightened horses, and/or character traits can often be smoothed by regular application of this routine. The frequent application of this relaxation routine will contribute to a great sensation of relaxation for your animal, allowing him to feel more rested and more giving after exercise, travel or when he feels fatigued or under other form of stress.  Remember that besides giving you prime feedback on your horse health, frequent massage applications also creates a stronger bond between the two of you.                       

learning center

The relaxation massage routine video is available at the Animal Awareness video library. It will give you the visual guidance you need for you to start on the right track, just as if Jean-Pierre was there in person. 

This easily learned material allows you to safely and efficiently care for your animal friend(s). More educational materials on equine massage, stretching and hydrotherapy are available so you can actively get involved in the wellness and fitness of your horse(s).

I hope you enjoyed this article and found the information useful.  My goal is help you provide quality home care for the benefit of your animal.

Please visit our FREE library. Our many articles address important aspects of animal wellness and fitness. Take the time to scroll through our free library to find out how you can actively contribute to your horse’s wellness.

Animal Massage Awareness also offers a large video library with over a 100 mini-videos that will show you how to easily perform the various massage and stretching techniques talked about in this article, and more. These videos offer you the correct start and visual guidance. With this knowledge, you will be able to develop a good home care program for the benefit of your animal friend.  He will love you for it.

Enjoy your new Awareness!

Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt, MT

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