Meet Our Team of Animal Massage Experts

Meet the experts behind Animal Massage Awareness and learn about their individual specialties and areas of experience.

Our Story

After years of success and acclaim in the animal massage therapy world, the experts at AMA have now dedicated themselves to sharing their knowledge with others and teaching animal lovers worldwide to apply their techniques.

Helping Pet Parents Provide Better Care...

Animal Massage Awareness is a professional animal massage therapy company. We're devoted to the education of animal lovers, pet-parents and other related professionals in animal massage therapy techniques. With over 60 years of combined industry experience on our team, we've developed many holistic approaches to benefit your animal friend. We offer an unparalleled commitment to our clients’ satisfaction and deliver educational materials about animal massage not found elsewhere. Our expertise in this field is reflected by our excellent reviews from happy customers. If you have questions about our courses, articles, or services, please don't hesitate to contact us for further information. 

Broad Base of Experience

Jean-Pierre's massage therapy skills and years of applying them are supported by Natacha's extensive veterinary technician experience, which provides them with a profound understanding of the canine and equine musculoskeletal structure and the benefits of various therapies. 

Excellence in Instruction

We offer instruction on our site to help you learn to apply our techniques yourself to support your animal's healthy performance and well-being.


Years of Massage Experience


Years of Vet Tech Experience




Languages Spoken

CEO, Massage Therapist, and Internationally Pulished Author

Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt

With over 40 years of his experience as a massage therapist, lecturer and internationally published author, Jean-Pierre will help you develop a home care program to improve your animal's health and well-being. This include some simple massage tips and gentle stretching exercises, as well as some heat and cold modalities. This unique and tailored approach will allow you to quickly attend to your animal’s needs on a daily basis.

Managing Director and Holistic Approach Expert

Natacha Hourdebaigt

French native Natacha brings an international touch with her 20 years of invaluable experience as a veterinary technician. She also specializes in several holistic approaches including Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Animal Communication, Reiki, Bach Flowers, Access Bars, and Geobiology. She uses her broad background to implement a variety of techniques in her professional services.


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Our Areas of Expertise

We're no one-trick ponies. Our mastery of various specialties is what puts us at the forefront of animal massage therapy knowledge.

Massage Therapy and Sports Massage

We apply classic Swedish massage techniques to stimulate blood and lymph circulation, utilizing deeper sports massage techniques to identify and address potential issues, like spasms or scar tissue.

Myofascial Release and Stretching

Releasing muscular compensations and stretching your animal's joints and ligaments are an important part of their physical care and help maintain balance, proper gait, and good range of motion.

Reiki and Energy Work

The physical care of your animal is important, but their well-being is also related to their energy balance. We take a holistic approach to our care and combine different modalities for the best results.

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