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Prefer to leave the care of your beloved companion in the hands of trained professionals? We understand... with over 60 years of combined experience in a variety of fields related to holistic animal wellness and massage therapy, we'll ensure your companion is feeling their best and help you create an ongoing home care plan for your animal. Learn more about the various services we offer below.

Holistic Animal Care Services


Massage Therapy

Massage is the manipulation of soft tissues that helps regulate the circulatory, muscular and nervous system that has a positive impact on your animal’s entire body. Massage therapy is one of the catalysts for the body’s self-healing process. We apply the classic Swedish massage technique to assist the animal relaxation and to insure good circulation of its blood and lymph fluids. All animals, regardless of age, breed and condition love this part. We use this approach to start and finish any of our sessions.


Sports Massage

We utilize sports massage, a deeper massage approach, to evaluate the presence of trigger points (lactic acid build-ups), stress point (micro-spasm) or scar tissue (if any), to better assist the muscular fitness of the animal and to maintain its suppleness for better motion at various gaits. The various sport massage techniques allow us to address these potential issues, reduces spasms, tension and muscle pain and ensure a good musculoskeletal health and fitness for your animal.


Myofascial Release

We apply the myofascial release techniques to evaluate the major fascia layers of the animal when the animal has developed some form of muscular compensation regardless of its origin: postural, post-surgery, scar tissue build-up, or from exercising. The myofascial release technique will reorganize the balancing of the major fascia layers attachment and will contribute to a better sense of balance in the animal. It will therefore play a part in a more efficient overall performance.



When possible, stretching exercises are performed either during the massage session or at its end to maintain optimal flexibility in the animal joints, ligaments of his/her limbs, neck and back. Stretches accentuate the positive impact of the various massage techniques. Regular application of stretching exercises is a good preventive measure, increases the range of motion and promotes a better gait. It also quickly tells you when your animal is developing some stiffness or muscular compensation.


Heat/ Cold Modalities

This service refers to the application of warm or cold modalities and their specific effects (analgesic, vaso-constriction, vaso-dilation) to better assist the animal during the various stages of recovery: acute, sub-acute and chronic. We offer many options, from the ice-cup massage technique to the application of warm or cool poultices depending on the case at hand. It contributes greatly to the well being of the animal, especially during recovery or for the aging ones.


Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a gentle and noninvasive bodywork technique that has been shown to assist with many health and behavioral issues. CST deals with the craniosacral system, which includes the skull, spine, sacrum, central nervous system, the meninges membranes and Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF). CST addresses the craniosacral rhythm which is found in all animals. This rhythm is a result of the pumping of  the CSF. When there are blockages or tension, this CSF flow slows down and problems arise. The practitioner uses a very light touch over specific areas to release the restriction(s), allowing the entire craniosacral system to regulate itself, thus promoting healing in all areas of the physical and the motional domains.



Reiki is a method of care which allows harmonizing the different energy bodies by the laying-on of hands. It is a holistic therapy that allows a gentle approach to the animal in order to be able to transmit the vital energy that it needs both physically and emotionally.
The benefits of Reiki for an animal are: restores energy, balances and harmonizes vital energy, promotes relaxation, calm and soothes, strengthens the immune system, promotes the self-healing process, helps relieve pain and discomfort (physical and emotional), improves the owner-animal relationship.


Energy Work

With energy work we take care of the animal in hits wholeness. Energy work is good to help the animal re-energize its being on many levels: on the physical level (bio-mechanical, metabolic and electro-magnetic), on the energetic level (in the sense of energy circulation -Qi flow, as in Chinese medicine), and on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels. For this we use holistic practices such as: Access Bars, Touch For Health, Animal Communication, Clairvoyance, Shamanism, etc. Energy work is a very soft approach yet very potent.


Animal Communication

What is Animal Communication? It is a form of non-verbal dialogue. The communicator goes on the same frequency as the animal (alpha and teta waves). This allows the communicator, with the agreement of the animal, to be able to exchange information in several forms. Animal communication is practiced on animals of all ages, from birth to end of life. Animal communication does not require physical contact or being close to the animal, it can be done remotely on photo.
What is the animal talking about? The animal can talk about himself, his life, his needs, his wishes, his heavy past, his physical problems etc. He can talk about you, if he finds you worried, sad, give his opinion on your life choices, and send you messages to guide you.It is up to the communicator to send you all the information that can be transmitted by the animal and especially to respect the confidential nature of an animal communication.
During my communication, I do not ask any questions to the animal. I let him express himself completely and I don’t insist when he doesn’t want to communicate.
Animal communication will never replace the advice of a veterinarian.


Dr. Bach Flowers Remedies

Bach’s flowers are floral elixirs created by Dr. Edward Bach. He valued more his patient’s emotional and psychological state than the illness itself. Therefore, he was inspired by nature to provide natural remedies safe and without side effects, adapted to each of the disorders he encountered. The advantage is that Bach’s flowers, although originally designed for men, fit perfectly well for domestic animals. Bach flowers for animals require some observation on the part of the master, on the behavior of the animal. Of course for better results, the right questions must be asked in order to find the flowers corresponding to the emotional state of the animal causing behavioral disorders or pathological conditions. There are 38 Bach Flowers used in: depression, aggression, stress, change of environment following a move or adoption, competition, preparation for surgery (before and after) and more…



Geobiology is the study of relationships between earth and life. It focuses on the effects the environment has on our health as well as on our animals, pet or livestock, and on our plants, flowers and vegetable gardens. Geobiology is the study of  the  harmful waves emitted by earth faults, underground streams, cosmo-telluric chimneys, Hartmann and Curry networks, magnetic fields, electrical and electromagnetic pollution (high voltage lines, wifi, Herztians towers…) that negatively influence the natural harmony of places where humans, animals and plants are concentrated. As a result of long-term exposure to such harmful influences, dysfunctions can occur, ranging from benign to more serious pathologies. The geobiologist’s job is to detect these dysfunctions, and to rebalance the living space in order to raise the level of positive vibrations to recharge.

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“As a fellow author, teacher, colleague, and friend, Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt surpassed our expectations for the lecture and hands-on clinic he held at Tuft Veterinarian School. I personally recommend his teaching skills as a continuing education program for any school.”


Author and Director of Equine Massage at Tuft’s Veterinary School

“With sensitive insights and simple language, the author describes common muscular problems underlying gait irregularities. Jean-Pierre explains how hands skilled in massage can contribute to a dog’s comfort and healing.”


Author of Dogsteps, A New Look. A Landmark book and video on canine gait and structure

“Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt has masterfully applied well-known, effective human massage techniques to dogs. Canine Massage is a well organized, highly readable book that places those techniques at your fingertips.”


Author of Peak Performance, Coaching the Canine Athlete, Jumping A-Z: Teach your Dog To Soar and Dog Health & Nutrition for Dummies

“Jean-Pierre presented one of the best workshops I have ever attended. I am glad I have had the opportunity to receive such high-quality instruction and be encouraged to have confidence in oneself to work effectively.”


Animal Massage Therapist and Teacher

“I consider Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt  leader in horse massage therapy education and one of the foremost experts in his field.”



“Jean-Pierre’s expertise in equine massage advance techniques, stretching and hydrotherapy make him a valuable partner in the maintenance of my top horse clientele.”


D.V.M. Int’l Consultant
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