Troubleshooting Your Dog – Hardcopy Book & Video


This bundle provides detailed step-by-step information for the canine sports enthusiasts to the average pet owner to the inner workings of the musculoskeletal systems of the dog. Armed with this information and a little practice, you will quickly begin to recognize when your dog is feeling great and running at its peak performance or when you need to give him a little extra care.

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This bundle provides you:

  • Hand palpation skills, several massage movements ad simple stretching exercises
  • A Visual Evaluation Program that help you identify abnormalities in gaits, tight muscle groups or sore joints, and more
  • A Palpation Evaluation Program in which you use 25-point routine on each side using your fingertips to pinpoint problems
  • A Troubleshooting section, with over 100 common problems will assist you to identify any potential underlying problems seen in active and inactive dogs, regardless of age, breed or activity, and the action therefore to take!
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